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Development of corporate identity

What is the image of the company as it looks on the third hand, how does it is take by the clients and partners?

The development of corporate identity and brand - it is one of the most interesting, but complex jobs. In designing the corporate identity of the company, we are trying to create a bright, holistic and memorable image. A sound, easy to memorize name, inserted in the logo idea and the essence of the company, supported by high-quality printing, performed in the same style, could give the company uniqueness, make sure that it will not be forgotten...

Imagine a situation of tender, which involves two companies that have roughly the same offer. But one of them is gray and featureless and the other one is stylish and memorable ... Today, this is necessary. Is indispensable.

The corporate identity is able to move your business to a new qualitative level, increase the prestige, add a dynamic, or vice versa to make the sense of traditionalism and stability.

The bearer of the corporate identity can be:
the website, the internal documentation, the souvenir production and the outdoor advertising.

In the development of corporate identity, we offer Customers the following set of core elements (design):

  • The development of the logo;
  • Business card;
  • Letter-head;
  • Corporate envelope;
  • The electronic letter-head;
  • The business combination of colors;
  • A set of fonts.

As additional elements may be used the:

  • Company folder;
  • Corporate packages;
  • Souvenirs;
  • Calendars;
  • Original packaging;
  • Elements of outdoor advertising.

Call us and we’ll advise you how to create a logo and a corporate identity for your company.

The development of brand-book

The brand-book is a manual containing several recommendations for working with corporate style.

Often the brand-book contains the description of the following elements:

  • the brand;
  • the logo;
  • the original headsets of fonts;
  • the original color;
  • the form for written communications;
  • the form for electronic communications;
  • the form for faxes;
  • the business card;
  • the envelope;
  • the folder to store documents;
  • the souvenirs models.

At the Customer's request, it could be significantly expanded.

The guidance on corporate style allows creating a full, harmonious image of the company in the eyes of Customers and partners. The brand-book eases the work with the advertising, marketing and pr agencies. In addition, the brand-book helps the staff competently to use the corporate style.

In the end, we give you two printed versions of the guide and a CD with an interactive version of the brand-book, as well as all the templates and materials in electronic form.

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