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How do we work?

We study the customer.
To build the site we need to know exactly what does the Customer do.

Website design.
The work starts with an assessment of the amount of information, further is draw up the structure of the website.

Basic principles:
The site should be getting the job done - to sell goods, build brand image, to inform clients about the company's activities, etc.

Visitors must immediately find the information they need.
The visitor must be given alternatives and / or additional solutions. A visitor needs to know everything that the company plans to tell him.

The technical task.
Based on the draft are given specific instructions to designers and programmers to develop web-site.

Developing design.

There are used the following things:

  • Corporate identity of the client;
  • The developed information structure;
  • The principles of designing of Web interfaces;
  • Excellent knowledge of the principles of usability (ease of use);
  • Vast experience in website design;
  • Talent;
  • Originality.


Programmer is guiding by the following principles:

  • The site is controlled automatically through a Web interface (via browser);
  • The Web interface works without error;
  • Web-based interface is fast;
  • Visitors of the site do not feel that the program is running;
  • Skilful code.

Incorporating the site.
After programming, design and filling all the components incorporated into a single resource.


Upon the completion of the work is tested the resource that allow to identify the problem moments of the website. All of them are eliminated.

Launching of the website.

Following the approval of the website:

  • Prescribe a website in all popular search engines and directories;
  • Implement the recommendations on the website escort;
  • Recommendations for proper support in advertising.

Supporting the Website.

After the launch of the site, we support your site and help to update the contents and add new functionality to the site.

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