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What do we do?

We are ready to offer you the following services:

  • development of the site and its design;
  • creation of original Web design;
  • development of flash - components for the site;
  • introduction of an information management system on site;
  • introduction of standard software elements for the site (forum, guestbook, questionnaires and surveys, online shop, etc.);
  • development of individual software for the site;
  • development of a system for navigation on the site and layout of Web pages;
  • assistance in selecting a domain name and placement of the site on hosting;
  • testing site and the launch of the site on the Internet;
  • subscription service of the site;
  • updated information (regularly or as needed);
  • optimizing your site for search engines;
  • seo-copywriting;
  • promotion and hype of the site on the Internet;
  • hosting;
  • services of corporate email;
  • development of web banners;
  • development of corporate identity;
  • development of outdoor advertising;
  • photography and photo correction.


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Web development, web-design, brand style, printing design, 3D design, hosting, domain registration.


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