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Development of electronic presentations

The development of electronic presentations

Creating CD, DVD-presentations

We can develop the presentation of your company and products. The result is CD or DVD with an interactive presentation.

Multimedia presentation can contain texts, tables, pictures, charts, drawings, video and audio materials, computer graphics and animation, offline version of the site, promotional video. It may contain the complete information about the company, only a catalog of products / services, electronic records / charts, gift edition for corporation employees on the anniversary of the company.

Why should create a presentation?

The presentation will allow you:

  • To make more sales;
  • To make a presentation to colleagues, clients or investors;
  • To give to the client an effective proposal instead of business cards;
  • To distribute your catalogs in any copies;
  • To place on the disk almost anything;
  • To be better than the competitors, only because not all have it;
  • A presentation disk is a wonderful image advertising.

Advantages of presentation disks (on CD or DVD):

Compared to printing:

  • greater efficiency and effectiveness;
  • you can place more information;
  • the possibility of posting video and audio - as the TV-advertising;
  • interactivity;
  • lower cost of copies;
  • in case of any changes you don’t have to reprint the copies;
  • Disks can write in addition at any time, any copies from 1 to thousand pieces.

Compared to the video advertising:

  • you can open it at any time;
  • you can watch it an unlimited number of times;
  • this is not the 15 seconds of fame, but for much longer;
  • you can place a big amount of information, enabling the purchase;
  • it’s cheaper;
  • accessibility from any computer.

Multimedia presentation - advertising products that are successfully contributing to the development of your business and focus on potential investors, consumer of products or services.

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