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Optimization and promotion of sites  

From the search engines to the site passes the greatest number of visitors. These people are potential customers; they are interested in your products and services. If you’ll bring to them the information about your company product, the website will become a commercially successful business tool.

Studio «IT CONCEPT» has a great experience in the development, optimization and promotion of sites.

Search engine optimization is the most effective means to attract the target audience, because has the best ratio of CV (cost of the visitor) and RRI (return rate of investment). Literate promotion costs much cheaper than traditional advertising, however, you get the most interested audience. At the site get exactly the people who typed in the search keywords for your business.

The main objective of promotion and site optimization is the return of investment. At the full and competent use of a corporate site, all spent resources are not only recovered but also bring dividends. Optimization and promotion of the site significantly reduce the cost of making the ordinary visitor of the site a buyer of goods or services of the company.

Studio «IT CONCEPT» will help attract to your project the target audience. To do this, we use a variety of unique and effective ways: from accessible to everyone banner advertising to the placement your messages into appropriate blogs.

Our experience in the field of promotion of sites, the combination of effective and unique techniques, and individual approach to every new project will help transform your site into a successful business tool.


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