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Video advertising production

Movies are one of the most popular types of advertising, a great way to express yourself. Of course, the competition in this market is high. How do stand out among the other commercials and be remembered by the consumer? It is important not only the quality of goods and services but also the brightness, understandability, and brevity of your advertising.

The spot is considered the most effective line of Video advertising. Before drawing the attention of potential buyers, the spot runs a long and difficult path from idea to realization. The success of the entire advertising company usually depends on whom you entrusted the creation of Video.

The production of video advertising can afford almost any company. That is true. An inexpensive in the production spot can be broadcast on cable TV, regional channels, in the subway, supermarkets, urban LED screens, and it will reach the goal.

High-quality video advertising is a cheap and effective tool for the success of your business.

In the studio «IT CONCEPT» we create a variety of videos: information, games, with three-dimensional animated graphics, drawing, as well as the combined spots where the graphics are combined with «living» video. These technologies will help realize all your idea.


Production of corporate films

The corporate film is a kind of presentation of the company, as well as an excellent opportunity to show to your partners the possibility of your company. Corporate filnms helps us create a positive image, improves the reputation and promotes the long-term success.

A presentational film offers the most detailed information about the company, its aims and objectives. The effectiveness of corporate film is high because it is demonstrates in front of the target audience at conferences, councils, meetings and exhibitions.

A good corporate film plays an important role in shaping the overall spirit of the company, the relations between the staff and offices. It allows any employee to become more closely acquainted with the work of the leadership. Explain the goals and objectives of the company.

First of all the corporate film is a tool to communicate with different target audiences. First of all we shall determine the audience of presentation: employees, customers, shareholders, investors and others. Depending on the selected group of interested persons, is chosen the target.

At the exhibitions the original corporate film wins in the entertainment and visibility compared to conventional printing products. In this movie you can demonstrate your products, show the effect of complex machinery and equipment.


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